The Lebanese Directorate-General of General Security is calling on Lebanese citizens who still possess valid passports (RED PASSPORTS) to apply for the current machine-readable passport type (NAVY BLUE) before the due date of 24/11/2015 since those red passports are non-machine readable and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has decided the date of 24/11/2015 as the deadline for the exclusive use of machine-readable passports only in navigation and travel through airports.

You can apply for the machine readable passport type (NAVY BLUE) either directly in Lebanon at the Directorate-General of General Security or at the Embassy of Lebanon in the USA, or the affiliated Consulates General in Detroit, Los Angeles and New York depending on your residing jurisdiction.

For more information on applying for a new NAVY BLUE Passport, please visit the following websites:

The Directorate-General of General Security’s website:

The Embassy of Lebanon’s passport page: